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Get your own web site for only $999

To purchase a web site contact us at sales [at] sorensensoftware [dot] com. Once you have decided to have Sorensen Software to develop your web site, we will begin the process of stepping through your design options. We have listed many of the features we offer for our web sites later in this page. Below you can find a few different web sites we have designed, developed, or maintained that qualify under our promotional development design scheme.

Besides these sites you can find a breif portfolio of our work here. The standard features for each website include all of the following.

Receive a customized website design based from images, logos, and information you provide.
Receive a web development questionnaire which will assist in tailoring our designs to suit you and your needs.
Two website design templates will be developed for a unique customized site design that will represent you in the ways you have specified.
Two revisions to your selected template will be included.
The final template designs can be obtained in an editable .pdf or .png format for you to retain, edit and reuse, upon request.

We will develop up to 7 pages from the content you provide.
Get a customer response form which will send emails to a specified email address.
Each page can have a maximum of 750 words or less.
A set of up to 20 images can be used within the content of the site itself.
These images can be formatted and resized by Sorensen Software, but must be provided in a digital format such as .jpg, .png, or .gif
All content must be provided in an approved digital format.
Scanning images to a digital format will have additional expenses, if to be performed by Sorensen Software.
Images used must be your property, used with agreement by the owners of such said works, or be of public domain.

We rely on the Mambo Server CMS (Content Management Server) , so that changes and alterations to content may be made dynamically by the customer.
We will provide you with the administrative tools, with low computer skill requirements, for you to organize setup and maintain all of the content on your site.
You will be able to add more pages and content from the administrative backend of the CMS.
Your entire web site will be setup for search engine optimization which is generated from each of your pages content.
Upon request, at the time of public release we will submit your site to the most common, big name search engines on the net.
A few other valuable features provided Mambo Server include: media (images, documents) upload and management, content display scheduling, content syndication (RSS), search engine friendly (SEF) URL's, internationalization (interface translation), simple polls, and content voting/rating system.

The setup and installment of your own .net, .org, .com, .biz, .info, and .us domain name.
Up to 10 Gigabytes of data transfer per day! That's an equivalent of 300 Gigabytes a month!
A shared secure SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate.
We will setup up to 5 email addresses of the 650 available for you to setup.
We provide all of our web site hosting from our affiliated partner .
All hosting and database technical support and customer services are provided by – Toll-Free Technical Support (1-877-4-POWWEB).

Develop more design headers!
Add Macromedia Flash MX animated graphics or interface!
Develop a customized logo for use on your site and print materials.
Add even more content pages.
Develop a customized web forum.
As well as many other options!