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Web Sites and Stores

That's right! Get your own tailor made online web store for only $799. We will develop a custom web store design to suit your business needs. Our online stores have an extensive range of features, as well as customization and management options. Our stores are powered with osCommerce Technology, which has proven itself to be one of the top solutions for store owners across the world. The stores all include the ability to add an unlimited amount of shopping categories, products, and manufacturers.
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Yes, we also design and develop custom websites as well, and what a better deal then $999. You'll receive multiple custom made design templates created from your responses to our web development questionaire. Get up to 7 pages of initial content, with at least 750 words per page. We develop our sites to be implemented on top of the CMS (Content Management System) Mambo Server. This allows you to add, update, and remove the content and information on your site yourself!
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We pride ourselves on our ability to develop beautiful and practical web sites and web applications. We utilize top of the line tools to assist in the development process. Some of these tools include Macromedia Flash, Fireworks, Drumbeat, Director, Dreamweaver; Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Go Live, In Design, Page Maker, Premier; Microsoft PhotoDraw, Front Page; and The Gimp, PhotoDisc, LivePix. We also hand write HTML, DHTML, PHP, CGI, Java, and Java Script. We also utilize Visual Basic's tools for developing customized ActiveX components. We also develop pages using JSP (Java Server Pages), ASP, and other systems for developing database corresponding web sites You can view some of our resources for web site developments at our graphics page. You can find a brief portfolio of some of these sites and stores here.


We are very excited to announce that we have become affiliated partners with . This allows us to provide our customers with the best web site hosting plan we know of! For only $7.77 a month you can have your own web hosting from one of the top ranking hosting companies in the world! Each account has a disk space of 5,000 MB, and a data transfer rate of 10 GB of data a day! Thats an equivalent of 300 Giga Bytes a month! They provide 24/7 Technical support, 650 email accounts, full web statistics, 5 mySQL databases, multiple language support and so much more! Click here to see the main reasons we have chosen to offer you with PowWeb's services.


Developing Custom PCs
We are glad to offer top of the line high scale customized PCs and servers. We use high quality components to build your own tailor made PC. Contrary to most business practices we realize that without our customers we would have no business. For this reason we feel that it is important for us to note that unless you are going to spend $1200 or more, it will not be beneficial for you to go with a customized PC. Unless you are spending within this range or are buying multiple PCs you will be better off going with a large-scale vendor. Customized machines are best at offering a higher quality machine while allowing better quality products for the areas that are important to you. Not only will we build and test your customized PC, but we also can perform operating system and software installation as well.

Computer Lab Development
We have spent the last 2 years building and maintaining computer labs of 25 computers or less. Our development of labs includes PC development, Network Development (including printer and other device sharing), and software installation. If your interested in a Macintosh lab we are quite capable of negotiating deals on Apples or building your customized PPCs (Power Personal Computers). Some of the labs we have developed and maintained have been for private schools, independent school districts, higher education groups, and various businesses. We also have donated our time to help maintain and fix some of the labs for the local Boys and Girls clubs around the locations of our offices. Each project is performed individually using our highly effective development system, which provides for higher quality labs developed very quickly.

Trouble Shooting and Repair
We have a great deal of experience in upgrading and repairing Windows & *nix PCs. We have a great staff for troubleshooting and repairing hardware and software conflicts. We are also quite capable of handling installation and troubleshooting of PC hardware. We also perform Macintosh hardware installation and boot up troubleshooting. We service most problems from basic to extensive hardware re-soldering. Feel free to ask us about our rates, or for an estimate on your particular problem.


Sometimes there is a need for great looking, high quality documents. Sometimes there is the need for speed, and sometimes there is the need for a knowledgeable professional staff. We have the ability to create high quality graphics, advanced formatting, and graph development. We can develop documents and spreadsheets for Microsoft Office, Corel's Word Perfect Suite, Adobe PDF, Adobe Page Maker, and many more formats. Time of development is dependent upon the size of the project.

We have the ability to develop high quality animated presentations in Microsoft's Power Point or Corel's Presentation 8. We have found that our customers are quite satisfied with the high quality presentations we have developed for them. We offer great styles with quality graphics, animation, and graphs to present your information in an appealing, professional format. Our presentations are also packaged and ready for showing or distributing. Development costs and time fluctuate with the size and complexity of the presentation.

We have staffed some highly qualified artists, digital graphic artists, and 3D modelers. We also work in cooperation with college graphic design and commercial design departments. The result is the ability to produce extremely high quality professional graphics. The graphics we develop can be from renditions or sketches that you submit. We also can create graphics from concepts or ideas, which you submit. Our graphics are great for web sites, documents, presentations and general commercial use. If you are developing a new business or looking to revamp your current one we provide logo and identity development. Prices vary per project. Please inquire for an estimate.

We utilize high quality ATI products for video input and output, as well as Sound Blaster Audigy audio boards for audio input. We also utilize high quality software for audio/video editing such as Adobe Premiere, Adobe Audition, and Sony's Vegas 5. Our staff has excellent skills in editing and layout development as well as converting presentations to video. Some of the production types are to sources such as VHS (SP, LP, EP), VCD, SVCD, and DVD. We also provide production types for the PC including Real Player, Windows Media, Quick Time, AVI, DivX, XVid, SWF, as well as inclusion into web sites; programs; and desktop media. Our customers have been quite satisfied with the quality and speed that our company has become reputable for.

We are able to provide you with commercial advertising for you to submit, or for us to submit to various media types. We develop adds for magazines/newspapers, web sites, radio, television, and other media types. We are able to develop entire adds from scratch, from your ideas, as well as based off of previously developed commercials. For more information about some of the specifics about advertising development see our graphics, audio & video, and presentation pages.


We develop paperless environments, which reduce the length and amount of routine procedures, as well as providing paperless trails. These customized applications provide a computer interface for inputting data to be managed or organized with viewable and printable reports. Centralized management also allows for multiple office/location management. Tasks may run from accounting, scheduling, to inventory checking & ordering. We have found that combining multiple tasks into one application provides for excellent office management. Which is why we have deemed this particular product as an "Office Automation System".


We provide technical consulting in a variety of fields. Some of the more common, and specific fields we service are networks, labs, databases, and up to date technical services. Our consulting process consists of finding what our clients are seeking to achieve or be informed of, than evaluate our resources to find our most knowledgeable personnel for that area, research current information for the specific field, develop a comprehensive evaluation which can either be turned over or turned over along with a comprehensive presentation.

We also provide network and system security consulting and evaluation. We have personnel dedicated as security analysts, which either have or are capable of obtaining government security clearance if needed. Also other members of our staff are highly knowledgeable in computer and network security. We offer security consulting for the majority of PCs, Servers, & IBM Mainframes. We currently do not provide security consulting for Novell based systems and networks.


It would be ideal if there was never a problem or conflict with any system, software, or hardware. We could make you an empty promise that there will never be any problems of any sort ever. However, this is the real world and we realize that there will always be problems and conflicts of some type. We provide quick and effective measures to help you with whatever might happen to arise. We perform extensive testing so that we can reduce the amount of conflicts and problems. If you are experiencing problems that do not relate to prior work performed or services provided by Sorensen Software please see our Trouble Shooting & Repair Section for information.