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We develop, maintain and configure many types of databases. The primary types of databases, which we develop, are Microsoft Access, MySQL, PreSQL, and Oracle. We develop offline, online, and networked databases. We also administer the databases for multi-user login with access regulations using permissions. We also develop websites and applications, which correspond with these databases. For more information about our database management systems please view the Data Management section below.

Data Management

We develop applications, which integrate and manage the offline, online, and networked databases, which we maintain and develop. These applications provide a user-friendly environment for managing your database. They also can provide reports for data analysis or data mining. These applications can be configured for general use and full administration. They also include authorized user verification as well as user administration and permissions configuration, limiting users access privileges. There are very many uses for this type of application and we have serviced these types of applications to a large variety of fields, ranging from higher education groups to engineering firms.

Office Automation

We develop paperless environments, which reduce the length and amount of routine procedures, as well as providing paperless trails. These customized applications provide a computer interface for inputting data to be managed or organized with viewable and printable reports. Centralized management also allows for multiple office/location management. Tasks may run from accounting, scheduling, to inventory checking & ordering. We have found that combining multiple tasks into one application provides for excellent office management, which is why we have deemed this particular product as an "Office Automation System".


We provide customized applications, which perform statistical analysis and data mining. We work with your company or organization to develop a data pool. Once your data has been compiled we are able to use formulas to gain statistical analysis of the data pool. Once the data has been compiled and analyzed the information can be formatted to be displayed within a report or graph. These applications are great for advertising analysis, consumer analysis, client profiling, and scientific collaborations. Our primary clients for these systems have been legal groups, engineers, and medical analysis groups.


We have taken some time to provide you with a few freeware releases of some of our customized solutions. These applications are free for download, use, and redistribution. Source code for these applications is neither provided nor available, and there is no warranty, guarantee, or liability assigned to these applications.

IP Refresher v. 1.2
For Windows 95-XP
IP Refresher was developed as an online security tool for "constant connection" type ISPs, such as DSL and cable. It is a system tray based application, which requires very minimal system resources. It provides services such as IP refreshing, IP disabling, and IP re-enabling. It is a quick and easy solution for toggling your computer "offline". (Version 1.3 will provide the ability to obtain a new IP address.)

The Shredder v. 2.3
For Windows 95-XP
The Shredder is an application developed to fully delete files from your PC. It not only removes files in a way that make files difficult to recover, but also scrambles the data binarily to prevent the ability to restore data even it were. Works well enough to combat the best computer forensic tools. (We have had bug reports of inactivity in the drag drop support of the main interface, which is soon to be fixed.)

The Cleaner v. 3
For Windows 9x, ME, XP
The cleaner is an application that was built to remove unnecessary files from your hard drive. It works by removing temporary files that are added to your computer when you perform actions like browsing the Internet and installing programs. This application is capable of being customized to perform only specified sections. (A few changes in version 3 are field customization and quicker cleaning time.)

For Windows 95 - XP
Text2Voice is an application that was built to accept text from a user and then convert it into an audible digital voice. We feel that Text2Voice does a good job of displaying the technology to provide the functionality and entertainment of this type of application. (We plan to add a feature to convert the voice to an audio wave file in the next version release.)